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 Anti-Bullying Policy

St Oliver Plunkett Parish School Community fosters an open welcoming interaction between families and school, inviting contribution and involvement with each other in a respectful, caring and appropriate manner. Bullying is not tolerated at our school.
Bullying is an ongoing, intentional pattern of unwelcome and unwanted behaviour that hurts, intimidates or discriminates against an individual or group of individuals.
Bullying can take many forms including, but not limited to: deliberate and repeated physical, verbal, emotional, threatening behaviours, abuse of property or cyber-bullying.
Bullying affects the dignity of both victims and perpetrators and therefore, action must be taken to eliminate it from our school. In keeping with the Gospel values expressed in our Mission Statement, such action must itself be consistent with Christian principles and be based on sound educational practices. It must also involve all members of the community – parents and carers, staff and students – and be directed towards enhancing the dignity of all and securing a safe, supportive learning environment. 
Rights & Responsibilities:
It is the responsibility of staff, parents/carers and students to help make St Oliver Plunkett School bully-free. This will happen by:
·         reporting all incidents of bullying
·         actively opposing bullying
·         being role models in word and action
·         having the courage to help protect self and others in bullying situations
Procedural Guidelines:
In partnership with parents and carers the staff will develop procedures which may involve:
·         support for victims and perpetrators;
·         clear consequences;
·         behavioural plans;
·         parent conferences; and
·         individual and group education programs.
Possible Outcomes:
To find hope in the Good News of Jesus Christ, in each other and in all the relationships we experience within the school community through:
  • The establishment of learning environments that honour each individual’s uniqueness and foster co-operative relationships,
  • The establishment of play environments that foster active and friendly social engagement,
  • Fostering relationships between children that promote commitment to community, service and the fulfilment of potential,
  • The sincere pursuit of individual and communal goals,
  • Genuinely acknowledging the concerns, hopes and contributions of people, regardless of age or position.
As a local Catholic Parish Primary School at Cannon Hill, we will aim to promote respectful relationships amongst all persons who form and contribute to our Parish School Community.